Music is
a global
And My
is my voice."




The coastliner /


max the saX


Turn up the heat with ‘The Coastliner’

Get in the convertible and hit the open road as MAX THE SAX takes you on a summer adventure with his new single ‘The Coastliner’, out on Friday, August 9th on MAX THE SAX RECORDS.

Produced by Peter Cruseder and written by MAX THE SAX, it is dripping with sexy summer vibes like your summer bae coming fresh out of the ocean.

The track is all about chasing the summer dream, saying yes to every opportunity and living life like it’s supposed to be lived, full of love, happiness and a lot of SAX! 

“I wanted to create a song that really evoked the spirit of adventure,” said Max about his motivations to record the track. “For me, it’s about waking up with the sound of the ocean in the background and travelling to the next party ot festival with the people you truly love.” 

It’s been an extremely productive summer so far for the multi-instrumentalist as this song comes fresh off the back of his recent debut of the incredible MAX THE SAX Full Band live performances in Germany, Georgia, Cyprus and at the Life Ball in Vienna. 

‘The Coastliner’ has all the hallmarks of a hit in the making if Max & Peter’s previous collaboration is anything to go by. Their debut single ‘New Day’ recently broke the 1 million streams mark on Spotify!





max the saX


This night will be a very significant night! 
MAX THE SAX has returned to the studio to create his most intimate piece of music yet, ‘Delight’.

With ‘Delight’, MAX THE SAX ended the year by turning the lights down low and the mood down a notch. The club vibes are still there, but so is something else, a visceral euphoria as the music soothes you and the beat gently washes over your body. The vocals reiterate the significance of the night you’re having, and how important it is to truly live in the moment. 

The track is given an extra touch of intimacy by the fact that all of Max’s sax solos were recorded in just one take, and completely spontaneously. 

“I wrote the piano sample at 3 a.m. and had a very spontaneous idea to send it to my soul bro Martin Holter to get his piano and production skills,” said Max about the early beginnings of ‘Delight’. “The next morning, a 16-bar loop was waiting for me in my inbox and I just had to rush to my studio to record my sax parts and send it back to Martin to finish the composition. It was just a beautifully spontaneous coming together of great ideas that ended up becoming ‘Delight’”

This is Max at his most natural, at his purest and where he wants to be, expressing his emotions through the power of music, and most importantly, through his saxophone. As Max says himself:

“Music is a global language, and my saxophone is my voice!” 





max the saX



Get on your dancing shoes, MAX THE SAX is here
to rock your world!

Wonderfully upbeat and immensely feel-good,
MAX THE SAX's first solo single, 'Dance Like You Mean It' is three and a half minutes of booty-shaking brilliance. From the first sax tones to the funky beats of the chorus, this is a song that screams at you to get on the dance floor and show the world what you can do.

"Dance like you mean it, move your body as if no one's watching." No matter your age, skin colour, sex, style or profession, 'Dance Like You Mean It' will make you feel young, wild and free with its positive vibes, disco bass modern beats and early 70's funk influences.

The aesthetically beautiful accompanying video, directed and produced by Michaela Wiesinger, is an explosion of pure happiness as random passers by in New York, Paris, Sydney, Munich and more dance spontaneously to the infectious beats of the track surrounded by a backdrop of summer vibes, disco balls and cityscapes that will make you want to drop everything and move to the groove.

The saxophone has always held a special place in Max's heart, from 100's of concerts around the

world with the Parov Stelar Band, collaborations with exceptional talents in the business to successfully touring his own solo music over the last two years, the sax has always been his voice, a way for him to pass on the positive vibes of his soul to the people with its modern and unique sound.

Produced with vocalist YNNOX, "Dance Like You Mean It" is Max the Sax's first foray into solo music. "After years of touring and collaborating with Parov Stelar I wanted to strike back with a new image as a solo artist," said Max about the decision to go on his own. "Funk is extremely important to me, which is why I chose to take this new funky direction. I want my music to strike a beat in people's hearts, to create funky tracks for people to rock out to, whether they are on the dance floor or stuck in morning traffic."

It has been a very busy few years for the Austrian-born musician. In addition to touring with the Parov Stelar Band, MAX THE SAX also played to 40,000 people as he supported Maroon 5 in Batumi, Georgia. The sax genius also embarked on his own solo tour this summer, playing shows all around Europe, including opening the 50th anniversary of the Marc O'Polo fashion week alongside megastar Robbie Williams and many more.



back in my heart
is out /


single by
max the sax and
peter cruseder

BACK IN MY HEART Max the Sax Cover

Max The Sax & Peter Cruseder
“Follow Your Nature” is the motto of Marc O’ Polo fashion company and this can also be applied to Max the Sax in this new track together with Peter Cruseder.
Indeed they strike back for Marc O' Polo 50ties Anniversary with their current campaign song! In this new tune, Max´ well chiseled solos sit among the bluesy-jazzy, electro house, but most of all, smart production of Peter Cruseder. At the rhythm of the heart, “Back In My Heart” drives the listener through a classy journey of 5 musical decades.

Soulful female vocals, bluesy harmonica and piano cuts layer modern house beats and electro basslines, all mashed with the funky sax parts from Max the Sax to generate a vintage road movie mood.
Authenticity and generosity are Max the Sax best natural qualities as there’s no filter between his personality and what he performs facing crowds, just transmitting love & fun to his audience. He has shown it during 10 years, contributing mostly to the rise of fame of electro swing star Parov Stelar: a real stage beast and hype frontman!
Stay natural and always «Follow Your Nature» !


new day
is out /


single by
max the sax and
peter cruseder


Ripples are about to be sent through the musical world. “New Day” is a dance track full of energy and feel-good vibes that will have you itching for the dancefloor and let you remember summer all-night parties. Max The Sax (former sax player of Parov Stelar) and Peter Cruseder (producer and founder of

La Rochelle Band) have joined their forces for the very first time. Cruseder’s beats merge perfectly with Max’s infectious sax lines that embody the mystical vocals of an Alan Lomax recording, in a song that will make you believe in the best in the world and the promise of a bright new day on the horizon.