MAX THE SAX – who rose to fame as the former sax player of the Parov Stelar Band - is taking the club scene by storm with his new and fresh solo project: a funky saxophone, drums and the extra portion of electronic beats.
December 18th 1985, Markus Ecklmayr was born to take the stage and face the crowds all around the world by blowing generously in his golden saxophone. He started to practice at the age of 11 years and studied at the Anton


Bruckner University in Linz.
MAX THE SAX presents himself now afresh with his very best own material. He is a person full of power, energy and love for what he does. And this infects the crowds and his thousands of fans and followers around the world. He sets himself apart with his unique saxophone improvisations and explosive shows, which transport his authenticity and genuine passion across well beyond the stage.




The immense energy of their live performance hasn’t been unnoticed around the world either and so they played numerous gigs around the world this year.
as a highlight -
the support for Maroon 5 in Georgia in front of
40.000 people.

It is his expressive and infectious style, which never fails to impress and makes anyone move, smile and dance. “On stage, I want to bring my thoughts and feelings to the point. What people see on stage, is who I am. I’ll try to bring each performance to the MAXIMUM, ‘cause my goal is to play out of my heart.” This mix of technical brilliance, professional focus and yet pumping energy is what MAX THE SAX embodies in his music and shows.

MAX THE SAX guarantees high-energy and an explosive experience, taking the listener on a musical journey that mixes electric dance beats with funky jazz lines. His experience of playing on large stages and interacting with thousands of people has developed into a very unique sensitivity for the audience and his music alike. His solo-shows are always different: he lets himself inspire by the mood and energy of the crowd, transforms this atmosphere into improvisations, and pumps it back into the hearts of people through masterful playing and infectious interaction. A skill that has become the trademark of MAX THE SAX.




Markus Ecklmayr aka MAX THE SAX
has appeared on stage or recorded with:

Parov Stelar   /   Parov Stelar Band   /   The Max. Boogaloos   / Peter Cruseder   /   La Rochelle Band   /   Roland Schwarz   / Basement Freaks   /  Lee Anduze   /  Timothy Auld   /  Cayetano /  Düsenfried & The Stuffgivers   /  Jerry di Monza   /  Anna F   /   Raphael Wressnig & The Soul Gift Band   /  Bart & Baker   /  
Hot Pants Road Club   /  Cayetano   /  Cleo Panther   /
Ben Rodenburg (Bakermat)  /  LMT CONNECTION   /
Grant Laszlo   /  Nick Hollywood (White Minsk)   /
Gabriel & Castellon   /   DJ MAESTRO (Blue Note Trip)   /
Ryan Zoidis (Lettuce)   /   Bruckner Orchester Linz   /

Most of the time I’m improvising.
Spontaneously expressing my feelings through my saxophone.

When choosing themes for new tracks I’m always taking care
of the perfect balance between harmonic and rhythmical proportions.